“The book Wealth and Well-Being is a much needed and practical tool for the survival of all counselors and therapists within the field of addiction. Talking about money is not a sin—counselors need to talk about financial issues in relationship to the vital mission that we serve to suffering people of this country.”   

Terence T. Gorski, author of Denial Management Counseling Workbook

Wealth and Well-Being is an important and valuable addition to the recovery literature. With its accessible language and clear exercises, it provides a way for helping professionals to assist their clients in achieving financial health. This book breaks the silence that surrounds the topic of money.”

Stephanie S. Covington, PhD, LCSW, author of
A Woman’s Way Through the Twelve Steps, Helping Women Recover:
A Program for Treating Addiction, Beyond Trauma: A Healing Journey for Women

"Many people in the helping professions have unresolved issues about money that cause them to avoid dealing with this topic in their relationship with their clients. Sam and Suzanne have created a practical and inspiring guide to managing our money wisely and helping our clients to do the same.

Wealth and Well-Being captures the idea that money is not a requirement for happiness and self-care. Their book teaches the importance of following one’s personal vision and using creative energy to find true wealth—a state of Life—not just mere dollars."

 Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization and Creating True Prosperity

"Reading about 'traumanomics' and how surviving trauma-filled childhoods impacts financial expectations of what I deserve, gave me new insight into my own change process around money. I had no idea what that meant or how to change my relationship with money to create wealth. Now I do. Thank you, Suzanne and Sam."

Louise Crawford, author of Fortune Cookie Karma, Blaize of Glory, and 12 Jagged Steps

"A very wise book from two very wise people. I especially love their "worth circle": Self-Care leads to Self-Worth leads to Net Worth. In other words, rather than focusing on increasing your net worth, focus on increasing your self-care, and the money will eventually follow. Sound advice."

—Kim Hermanson, PhD, author of Getting Messy: A Guide to Taking Risks
and Opening the Imagination for Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, and Mentors

"Sam and Suzanne's book provides a clear, gentle, and joyful path for people to heal old, limiting beliefs about money and earning."

                —Christy Strauch, author of Passion, Plan, Profit:
Twelve Simple Steps to Convert Your Passion into a Solid Business

"A wise friend once told me that if you want to really understand yourself, take a look at what you spend your money on. It's so true. I understand myself much better now that I've read Suzanne and Sam's book—it's loaded with insight, wisdom, and practical advice. Wealth and Well-Being Workbook: Overcoming Barriers to Financial Independence is a must-read for anyone who wants a healthy relationship with money."

                —BJ Gallagher, author of Why Don't I Do the Things I Know Are Good for Me?
Taking Small Steps toward Improving the Big Picture

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