About the Book

The taboo against talking about money with your clients is over!

This book guides you in addressing the connection between self-care, self-worth and net worth with your clients.

People spend money on what they value.  Help your clients build the "values nest eggs" they need for a fuller, richer life.

Wealth and Well Being, a book for therapists, counselors and helping professionals, delivers the message that speaking about money should not be taboo. It teaches about money in the United States and addresses the emotional roadblocks that stop clients from achieving the wealth and abundance they desire. These roadblocks include anxiety and compulsive behaviors with money and spending, depression, trauma, and poor self-care.

The book can also be a guide to help counselors in the recovering community to address specific issues in money and recovery with their clients. It is filled with helpful worksheets and vignettes that make a complicated issue in our society manageable and clear.

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