Increase your understanding of your personal worth, emotional worth, and financial worth. Achieve economic and emotional well-being. Wealth and Well-Being for therapists, counselors, and helping professionals and the new Wealth and Well-Being Workbook are two must have books for all who want financial freedom for themselves and others.

Society has a taboo against speaking openly about personal finances. In Wealth and Well-Being Suzanne Lorenz, LCSW, and Sam Beasley, CADC, break the silence. These books will help therapists, counselors, and helping professionals address their own relationship with money and encourage their clients to do the same.
  • Discover surprising information about money.
  • Learn two new concepts--Alconomics and Traumanomics--and how they impact prosperity.
  • Recognize the seven emotional roadblocks to self-care, self-worth, and net worth.
  • Understand the Twelve Steps to Self-Care.
  • Learn how to bring life to your values and visions.

The books also include sample worksheets, score sheets, and handouts, as well as practical illustrative vignettes and exercises.

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